• Roller Blind with chain Control : The LUPO roller blinds with chain control are manufactured with very high quality standards by using high-quality materials. Specifically, for guides, tubes and bottom rails, extruded aluminium is used, more precisely, A6063ST5 alloy. Only the 78 mm tube is made up of galvanized iron FE 37. For all the plastic components we use different materials with technical specifications suitable to their own functions. The installation of the chain rollers can be made in two ways: 1. The heads are directly fixed to the ceiling or to the wall by means of screws. 2. The roller blind is mounted on an aluminum guide, which makes the whole group integral, thus radically simplifying the installation and avoiding incorrect mounting. The guide is fixed to the ceiling by means of galvanized metal keys. Great attention to aesthetics and to the design of the product • Technical specification Controls The chain roller is moved by a double-spring self-locking control. The first spring functions as a Locking system in all the desired positions, while the second spring functions as an anti-shock system in order to make the movement smooth. For greater dimensions, the SOFT version is available: a spring, combined with the control system, contributes to reducing the lifting stress of the roller. The chains to be used are made up of plastic or metal, with 4,5mm balls and 6 and 12mm pitch. Winding tubes The tubes available for the chain rollers are: 28-32-38 mm. The material of the tubes is round bar aluminium with or without ogive; the fabric is fixed by means of both sides adhesive tape. Side supports The side supports are made up of plastic material or sprayed steel, standard color RAL 9010. The available dimensions are two: standard and extended. Some slots allow all the necessary adjustments during installation. Bottom rails The bottom rails are of two types: round bottom rail with 22mm diameter and 12x42 flat bottom rail. The material is extruded aluminium, painted with white colour RAL 1013 or anodised silver, complete with white, grey or black caps. in the round bottom rail, the fabric is fixed by means of both sides adhesive tape to an extruded plastic strap, which is inserted into the bottom rail. As for the flat bottom rail, a two cm pocket is welded, in which a plastic rod is mounted. The whole group is inserted into the aluminium extrusion. Caps The side caps are made up of plastic material with 6 mm pin for 28-32-38 tube. The tube can be removed from the supports in two ways: by using the release cap, which opens by rotating, and by using the spring caps which can be released only by exerting a light pressure. Fabrics The technical fabrics are of different types: natural fabrics, Trevira CS, polyester, fibre glass, screen and blackout to be chosen in the pattern book. For rollers of very large dimensions, it may be necessary to realise a transversal junction of the Fabric and mount small stiffening rods. Roller Shutter manual & automatic Rolling Shutter blinds are available in various colors to fit with all cladding and Building designs. Its characterized by its dynamic design which allows it to have a smooth movement and higher resistibility. When fully closed it completely prevent light and dust from coming through. It eliminates the need for iron fencing for security application (antitheft) as it is made of extruded aluminum profiles (suitable for remote places). It is equipped with a set of accessories to increase its effectiveness. Also is highly durable to all weather conditions and be installed with various Systems. Both electrical and remote control operated. It dose not occupy large space as it is made from aluminum of the best international sources.

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