DESCRIPTION. An Austriancurtain is fabricated a some pice and cosists of multipler rows of scallops or swages, it is shirred along the top to provide a certain amount of horizontal fullness which determines the depth of each scallop, the scallops in turn can be created by either shirring or hand- pleaing the fabric vertically a long the edges of each row, shiring provides tighter, smaller scallops, whereashand-pleaing provides larger and more tailored looking scallops, this combination of vertical and horizontal fullness creates a very rich and dramatic effect, the austrian is typically rigged to fly out in one piece, or many gather up by means of able running through rings sewn vertically to the back of he curtain along a predetermined my mber of lift limes this is useful when there is no fly tower typical fabrics include but are not limited to velour (cotton or synthetic) damask , or sateen. The Pleated Curtain is the most common design , it is used in schools, churches and professional theatres, A pleated curtain can by built in one piece orin two panels with a center overlap, depending on your theatre space this type of curtain hangs from heavy-duty traveler track, it can either by pulled startin at the leading edge and gather as it is 'pushed' off stage, or with a back-Pack system the entire curtain can movesimultaneously being 'pulled' from the stage end and gathering on that side as well, the back-pack operation provides for a much neater look. Most often the pleated curtain is fabriced to match the color scheme and decor of the theatre or auditorium, more luxurious versions may have trimmings such as fringe, braid, tassels, or other decorative detail, typical fabrics includ butare not limited to velour (cotton or synthetic) , Damask, or Doral ( vinyl backed inherently flame retardant school fabric ) lining is optional

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