Roman Shade & Somfy Timer Consists of a vertical strip of the best raw material of rectangular electrostatic ally coated aluminum on which is installed a rubber sealing tape connected to an aluminum rod. This rod carries the operating machine and the shades lilting machines. And these lilting machines are equipped to lift by a cordon rope it or a ribbon according to the client's request and the fabric creaing takes place according to the required form by 4mm galvanized steel rods, given that the rods be inside a special tape of width not ex-ceeding 1cm and at the end of the fabric at the bottom is aluminum where the bottom martial is installed. Shade Advantages Operating mode venetian roll. Peadily moable with toppler chain. Readily of installed in minimum available space. Possibility of lifing the blind and controlling illumination at the required level. All accessories in bedded and not appavent except the fabric. The blind increases in magnificence and glanoar within the frame as shown. Somfy Timer Your customer programs the opening and closing of his screens. HTS Chronis sensor Wireless programmable wall control Deferent program per day Opening Time change with season Security mode

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